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The hardest part is done...
you're here
Take a deep breath, we have a few minutes to figure out if this is the best place for you.

You've been okay for the most part but some things in your life aren't clicking quite right. There are days when your mood is a bit "off," not in the usual way moods can be off, but you feel unsettled, anxious, even down.


Your relationships, well, you put a lot into them, and yet, you find yourself longing for more. It may be hard to tell how much of that is coming from you or them. Do you need to communicate better? Compartmentalize your feelings better? Be different?

There's more you want from your life and yourself, but you're stuck figuring out how to get there. Will therapy really help with these things? Maybe you should just figure it out yourself, you think. You've gotten this far without a therapist.


 But what if there was a place where someone could see beyond your overly self-reliant exterior and invite you to say your thoughts out loud? Could this person BOTH call you on your shit and be warm enough to trust? You could let your curiosity wonder a bit more or keep reading...

"The Journey isn't so much about becoming anything; It's about unbecoming everything that isn't really you."

Paulo Coelho, Hippie


I'm Laura, a psychologist, and an explorer of the mind and heart.
I work with people to 
uncover ways they have been holding themselves back and limiting their growth.

I specialize in creating a welcoming and stimulating environment to push people out of their comfort (and discomfort) zones, uncover old and inaccurate ideas, and find agency within themselves to create a life they have been desiring.

I'm committed to helping you overcome your doubts and fears, lean into your strengths, and learn new ones. If you want straight-forward with humor, I'm your person.

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